The Pterodactyl

allegro     The pterodactyl lived, we know
            Abbey Rents his fragile bone, so

            Mosaic our pattern is and full,
            Yet fragments fall in random plots,
            The lines obscured by dry white guilt
            Obscured by cool dark structured fear.

            Hold this truth I learn so late
            (for it contains both life and death):
            Only joy can grow for long,
            and island bright keep time away.

                      These clumsy membrane wings evolve
                      to show the only bridge is love
                      that's what,

scherzo     up
            sea and sail and see and touch
            And such a warm mindworld we find

andante     I want to
            press the noon sun to my eyes until the focus sears and scars the nerves
            I want summer
            that much.

    allegro vivace

            Unwritten, space
            for you
            to place
            the words which make this movement live.

~Jake Jacobs



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