Stone Mountain Mother Speaks

Great Stone Mother speaks (with a hardness
once fierce as Fire, now stone-cold to the touch,
that speaks) in gravelled, belly-rumble tones:
"Oh! Dear One, I have held you
steadfast and faithful
to my basalt-mountain bosom, only as I can.
Holding you in the embrace of my fiery youth, I fear
you'd have known only a flash of searing pain
and then…ashes.  Forgive me for holding you
now in your lonely, fragile flesh, only as I can.
A Truth: we are never un-touched, you and I.
Feel the gravity of my support, my under-standing
as you sit here, gazing out into that all-embracing Sky.
Lay yourself down, Dear one, upon my ancient bosom
for a tender time and lend me your body's warmth.
I have need of your gift of Fire now, only as you can."

~Anne S. Perrah


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