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Membership Information

Join the C.G. Jung Club of Orange County and actively participate!

Although membership is not required to attend any of our public meetings, membership does include the benefit of discounted admission to these events.  Membership also confers club library privileges and notification of "members-only" events.  More importantly, however, your membership supports programming unique to Orange County.

NOTE: You do not need to be a member to receive our newsletter.  Please click here to read a message from our president regarding our snail mail newsletter.

The term of membership is from September 1 through August 31.  Membership purchased on or after May 1st will expire on August 31st of the following year.  Annual individual dues are $25.  Couple membership is $40.

A Higher Level of Support

We certainly hope you are planning to join or renew your membership in the C.G. Jung Club.  When you do, we also hope you will consider a higher level of financial support to continue the Club's efforts to promote the knowledge and understanding of Jungian Psychology in Orange County.

Dream Circle ($75) - In addition to your individual membership your contribution will be recognized in our newsletter, the Orange Circle.

You may use the printable form:
PDF Click here for Printable Membership Application Form

OR, if you are not able to print, just send us the following information:

Indicate one of the following choices in your memo: and tell us your:
Home Phone
Alternate Phone (optional)
email address (optional)
Amount Enclosed

and send it with your check (payable to C.G. Jung Club of Orange County) to:
Membership Chair
C.G. Jung Club of Orange County
P.O. Box 1812
Orange, CA  92856

About Our Mailing List

Given the growing concern with the issues of personal privacy and security, the Board of the C.G. Jung Club of Orange County spent several months examining and clarifying our policy regarding the sharing of our mailing list.

We take your privacy very seriously.  However, the question becomes how to balance this with the mission of the Jung Club, which is to promote an interest in and an understanding of the work of C.G. Jung.

Please be assured that a decision to share our mailing list with reputable and like-minded organizations is made with due deliberation by our Board.

If you do not want your mailing and/or e-mail address to be shared with anyone, please OPT OUT in one of the following ways:

Club Library

Click here for information about our club library

Have A Question?

If you have a question, please call (714) 964-5741 at any time for program, registration, membership or other information and leave a message. Or you may send an email to:

(new address as of 04/18/2003)
The appropriate committee member will return your call or email.

Do you want to know if there's still space for you at an event? Call (714) 964-5741 for the latest program information. The message will tell you whether space is available.

For all Jung Club information call (714) 964-5741.


By letting us know, you'll save us the return postage fee, and you won't miss a mailing! Send your old address label on which you've marked changes to:

Membership Chair
C. G. Jung Club of Orange County
P.O. Box 1812
Orange, California  92856

To be removed from our mailing list click:  PDFMAILING LIST REMOVAL FORM

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