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C.G. Jung Club of Orange County

C.G. Jung Club of Orange County
P.O. Box 1812
Orange, California  92868

2018-2019 Board of Directors

President:   Judy Kaufman
Vice-President:   Virginia Barrett
Treasurer:   Linda Duchein
Secretary:   Rita Reese
Program Officer:   Holly Fincher
Venue Coordinator:   Judy Kaufman
Publications Officer:   Linda Duchein
Webmaster:   Charell Charlie  (click name to email)
Librarian:   Michael Whyte  (click name to email)
Media Archivist:   Charell Charlie  (click name to email)
Membership Officer:   Gloria Guzman
Database Administrator:   Victoria Callejo
Hospitality Officer:   Theresa "Terri" Integlia
Centerpoint Coordination:   Theresa "Terri" Integlia
Members at Large:
    Conrad Barrett
    Susan Derr
    Janet Hartmann Jones
    Holly Overin
    Charmaine Pack
    Mala Setty
    Paula SteMarie
Founding President:   Peter P. Coukoulis
Production Staff:
    Linda Duchein
    Diane Vehoski


Board Meetings: Board meetings are held bimonthly. Any member wishing to attend is welcome. Please call 714/964-5741 for specifics.

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