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Video with Sonu Shamdasani:

Click the edge of the book to turn the pages:

Click HERE to watch a video and to read the story
of how Jung's Red Book was unveiled and captured digitally.
DigitalFusion Captures History for Carl Jung’s RED BOOK

Click HERE to go to the videos page at the Philemon Foundation
And HERE for more on the Red Book and The Red Book: A Reader's Edition with links for purchasing.

More on the Red Book at The Hammer Museum HERE
...including video interviews with celebrities and experts.

This is the first image, I'm pretty sure, of the Red Book that was available on the Internet.  I know this because I searched thoroughly, in 2009, for a picture that I could use on this website.  I couldn't find one anywhere so I decided to create the image myself.  Since then The Philemon Foundation has created many high quality images of the Red Book.  This picture is a screen capture of a frame from the film Matter of Heart that can be viewed on YouTube.  I was delighted to find this image on many other websites not long after I made it.  Feel free to copy it for your website or blog.
~ Charell
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