Book Review

The Paradoxes of Love
by Dr. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

reviewed by Michael Whyte

The seeking of "egolessness" as a state of being is the heart of the Sufipath.  Now, reaching an egoless state in this world is not a trivial task to accomplish, nor to try to discuss it at length, but Dr. Vaughan-Lee’s latest book, TheParadoxes of Love, guides us into this journey concisely and eloquently.

With a Jungian bent, the opposites are embraced and unity of the Self is approached.  However, "the inner awareness of union awakens us to the pain of separation.  When the heart knows that its innermost essence is united with God, we are confronted with our isolation...  The power of love lifts the veils of duality, threatening the ego and confusing the mind...  While the heart knows the secret of union, the ego is stranded in separation."

As we progress along the spiritual path, we become more familiar with the polarities of the opposites, and we can learn to accept and embrace them.  "In our everyday life the ego remains as a vehicle of consciousness, a vehicle which we need in order to function inthe world.  But gradually it ceases to be the center of consciousness."  The true center of consciousness, that of the heart’s connection to the higher Self’s dynamic and loving consciousness, can be freely cultivated while living our everyday livesas well.

Written in a straightforward and personal style, the book also touches on mystical awareness, service to the divine, dreamwork, and pitfalls to the spiritual path.

Michael Whyte is a member of the Club’s Board of Directors.


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