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Saturday Afternoon Birthday Party for Club Members

Jung Club Birthday Party and Synchronicity Workshop

A free event for
C.G. Jung Club of Orange County members

Members will receive an invitation by U.S. mail to this event sometime in June
Participation is limited to 25 members with a required RSVP

To become a member click HERE
Saturday,  3 PM - 6 PMJuly 26th,  2014

Joining the Facebook event does not count as an RSVP
Please RSVP by calling the Club Phone at 714-964-5741


"The work which is now to be done is to work out the concept of synchronicity.  I don't know the people who will continue it.  They must exist but I don't where they are." ~ Marie-Louise von Franz

On this occasion we will celebrate the life and spirit of C.G. Jung with cake and refreshments while entertained by our own singer-songwriters, Holly O. and Charell (known as The Vicissitunes.)

Synchronicity Workshop: We will gather in the shade of the garden to share our own personal experience of synchronicity or that of someone we know.  Synchronicity occurs when an inner experience is mirrored by an outer event, image or a cluster of images which have no causal connection but are connected by meaning.

What was the meaning of this "personal miracle" to you?  What images were evoked?  How did it feel to you?  Each person will be given 5 to 10 minutes to share... OR you may participate as a keenly interested witness for others.

We hope you will join us for this festive, members-only event.
Space is limited to 25 participants.

Joining the Facebook event does not count as an RSVP
Please RSVP by calling the Club Phone at 714-964-5741

In his biography Memories, Dreams, Reflections, as well as in other various lectures and publications, Jung recounts amazing examples of synchronicities which he and his patients experienced in the course of their inner work.  Jung made a daily practice of invoking synchronicity using Tarot cards and the I Ching, an ancient Chinese wisdom system using thrown sticks or coins.

Recommended reading before the workshop:

Books Articles
  • C.G. Jung - On Synchronicity read here (keep scrolling down)
  • Annie Reiner - Synchronicity and the Capacity to Think: A Clinical Exploration from Journal of Analytical Psychology, 2006, 51, p.553-573 link
  • Robin Robertson - Synchronicity in a New Light in Psychological Perspectives, issue 43/2002 link
  • Michael Gellert - Two Souls Within the Human Breast Psychological Perspectives, issue 45/2003 link
    (Synchronicity is the entire theme of this issue of Psychological Perspectives)
Most of the above items can be obtained through the C.G. Jung Bookstore in Los Angeles Phone: 310-556-1196  Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, 12 noon to 5 pm

If you have other reading suggestions please contact Linda Missouri by phone: 714-962-5865

   Home of Michael Whyte
   (Become a member for more information)   
   Members will receive an invitation by U.S. mail   

Time:  Saturday,  July 26th,  2014
3:00 pm  to  6:00 pm
Cost:     This is a members only party limited to 25 participants   
Attendence is free with required RSVP
   RSVP by calling the Club Phone at 714-964-5741   


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