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Sunday Lecture


a Myth for our Time

Presented by
Thom F. Cavalli, Ph.D.

Sunday, April 17th, 2011, 3:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm

Book Endorsements

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Buy the book at AMAZON.COM

The mythology of Osiris, God of the Dead, originated in ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom and endured throughout 3000 years of dynastic rule.  During that time, his image evolved from a nature spirit to God of the Dead to Lord of the Underworld.  His mythology ended with the collapse of ancient Egypt but his spirit continued to transform and is with us even today.  He is the impulse of life, the vibration that rhythmically moves everything in life, from the rise and fall of our breath, the ocean's waves, the cycles of sleep and waking, the seasons...life and death.  We can tap into this rhythmic energy by relating to Osiris as a psychological archetype.  By resonating with this primal rhythm we consciously move with nature, both within our bodies and with the universe.  When we are out of rhythm, things go horribly wrong!  It is time to bring Osiris back into our global, collective awareness.

The myth of Osiris is relevant to those who consciously work at individuating their lives.  Dr. Cavalli will focus on an alchemical interpretation of this myth which forms the basis of his latest book, Embodying Osiris, the Secrets of Alchemical Transformation.

Thom F. Cavalli, PhD is a licensed psychologist in private practice for 30 years in Santa Ana.  He is the author of Alchemical Psychology, Old Recipes for Living in a New World and Embodying Osiris, the Secrets of Alchemical Transformation.  For more information email Dr. Cavalli at illavac@hotmail.com or:

Link to Dr. Cavalli's websites:
www.AlchemicalPsychology.com     www.CavalliBooks.com

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    Chapman University, Smith Hall, Room 115 (see MAP)    
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There is a possibility that the location will change.
Time:  Registration and social gathering begin at 2:00 pm.
Lecture begins at 3:00 pm.
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Endorsements: Embodying Osiris, the Secrets of Alchemical Transformation

In his new book, Dr. Thom Cavalli penetrates into the heart of the Osiris myth in ancient Egyptian religion with a fresh eye, discovering an archetypal prefiguration of the modern soul and a foundational root of both alchemy and depth psychology.  With his keen understanding of Jungian psychology and sensitivity to the complexity of symbolic meaning, Dr. Cavalli unfolds an exciting narrative that takes us on a journey through the sacred history of the gods and into the consulting room of a master psychologist.  I believe that C.G. Jung would have welcomed this work as a creative continuation of his own discoveries.  Clearly an important contribution to scholarship in Egyptian religion, alchemy and depth psychology, this book will also serve as a valuable guide to anyone who seeks knowledge of the depths of psyche.

Stanton Marlan, Ph.D., ABPP is a Jungian analyst, the President of the Pittsburgh Society of Jungian Analysts, and the author of The Black Sun: The Alchemy and Art of Darkness as well as other works on alchemy and depth psychology.

At long last a modern Jungian psychologist examines the myth of Osiris and Isis... The wonderful insight and great tour-de-force by Professor Cavalli resulted in an inspiring book worthy of a prominent place in the libraries of all who are drawn to the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

Robert Bauval author of The Orion Mystery and The Egypt Code.

In this fascinating study of Egypt and the myth of Osiris, Thom Cavalli brings to bear not only scholarship but imaginative insight to uncover a wide range of meanings.  He reveals not only how the image of Osiris influenced the development of alchemy but contains truths still of profound importance for those seeking wholeness and spiritual fulfillment.

Jeffrey Raff, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst, author of Jung and the Alchemical Imagination.

A brilliant book, in part paradoxically because of its modesty, its awareness of how elusive and mysterious ancient Egyptian mythology remains, amplified by a deep conviction that nonetheless it has much to teach us about the history of the human psyche.  Thom Cavalli's scholarly and intuitive interpretations of each stage of the Osiris myth have the power, as he hoped they might, to reawaken our own capacity for prerational imaginal apprehension.  We are helped to recognize that the gods, including particularly this god, continue to live in our souls long after they have apparently died.

Christine Downing Professor of Mythological Studies, Pacifica Graduate Institute, author of The Goddess: Mythological Images of the Feminine and Gods in our Midst.

This is a refreshingly humane and insightful exploration of the interrelationships between depth psychology, alchemy and the religion of ancient Egypt.  In this welcome study, Dr. Thom Cavalli shows that depth psychology has much to gain from opening itself to the rich and fecund world of the ancient Egyptian religious imagination.

Jeremy Naydler, Ph.D., author of Temple of the Cosmos: the Ancient Egyptian Experience of the Sacred..

Cavalli proves himself to be a good scholar and alchemical chef.  Following the old alchemists, his insight should prove helpful to readers facing twenty-first century psychological problems.

Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. author of The Yoga of Time Travel and Mind into Matter.

A ground-breaking and much needed study of the connection between alchemy and the mysteries of ancient Egypt.  Cavalli here interweaves history, myth and the evolution of human consciousness in a remarkable way.  And by taking us on a journey through the trials of Osiris and Isis, he not only illuminates the transformation which lies at the heart of alchemy, but touches the very depths of the human soul.

Cherry Gilchrist author of Explore Alchemy (Heart of Albion Press, 2007) and Everyday Alchemy (Rider, 2002).

Dr. Cavalli brings a brilliant new interpretation to the Osiris myth that connects with its deep archetypal power and proves its continuing relevance to our times.  He reveals the secret alchemical operations hidden in this seminal myth and describes ways to implement them in our lives in the step-by-step process of "Becoming Osiris."  His groundbreaking research into the Osiris myth shows it to be a central archetype of transformation in alchemy, religion, psychology, and many other traditions.

Dennis Hauck Alchemist, author of The Emerald Tablet, President of the Alchemy Guild.